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About Foresight Computers & Networking


    Foresight began in April 1997.  In May of 2001, Tim Beyea and Nolan Jones merged Foresight with the startup company, Access, Inc.  This was done mainly to provide additional personnel that would allow Foresight to grow and maintain the high standard of service that our customers have come to expect.  Since May 2001, Foresight has seen a steady growth in customer base and name recognition.  Today, Foresight supports over 50 different companies in the Jackson area from a wide range of fields. 

The number of companies in the area and in the world that are reliant on their computer networks is growing rapidly. As applications evolve, the average environment for small business is becoming more complex, as is that of larger companies.  Many companies are beginning to explore opportunities to expand the use of technology within their business. Foresight stays current with these growing technologies there by providing our clients with knowledgeable and professional technical support at a fraction of the cost it would take to support an in house IT department.


    Our mission is to maintain our reputation as the most reliable and responsive IT support firm in the state and build on that reputation.  We strive to retain our personnel in a market that is known for high turnover and keep our staff current as technology changes occur.  Our team-based support structure will provide an efficient means of IT outsourcing for our clients.



What makes Foresight different from the other support companies in town?

    Our support model is different from that of the competition, and has been very well received by our customers.  We support our clients with a team-based approach to Information Technology.  Each client is assigned a team (3-4 members) to support their network.  This team is lead by their primary support technician and the other members serve as backup support.  This deals with several problems that are common concerns when companies consider outsourcing their IT support.  With this model, our technicians stay current with the infrastructure of all the clients that are supported by that team.  This avoids the problem of technicians arriving at the customer site unfamiliar with where things are and how they are configured. 

    In addition, the team approach means that if the clients primary technician is busy or ill, a team member that knows the network and applications used will respond, not just whoever might be available.   Another benefit to the team based support model centers around problem solving.  Most small to mid-sized companies will benefit from using our support teams instead of hiring a single individual to support their infrastructure due to the inherent benefits that come from having multiple technicians on staff.  This leads to a less narrow-minded approach to network design and problem solving, not to mention better overall support coverage.

We also offer a response time guaranty.  We will return pages and messages within 2 hours and be on-site if needed within 24 hours.  This is a major contrast to the behavior of some of our major competitors who have been known to leave customers waiting for several days with downed systems.

    Our primary business is providing reliable contract consulting and support services to in and around Mississippi.


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